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Configuring Audience Settings

This topic provides an overview of the Audience settings that can be configured.

To configure the Audience settings, open the Audience module and click Settings in the left navigation. The following settings can be configured:

Configuring email notifications

The Email Notifications section can be configured to send email notifications when there is an issue with Audience. Multiple addresses can be added and should be separated with a comma.

audience settings

Setting the data retention period

Set the default data retention period for the account. This value can be changed when new connections are created. The data retention policy determines how long the viewing data and lead form data (if using an Audience lead form) will be retained in your Video Cloud account. Retaining data in Video Cloud allows you to recover from interrupted synchronizations. Also, Audience will continue to retry events that fail to sync (usually because the viewer isn't a known contact at the time they viewed a video) until the event ages past the data retention period. You should adjust the retention settings according to your privacy policy - it is not required to retain any user data in Video Cloud.

audience settings

Page last updated on 29 Jan 2020